Eye-opening Overwatch stats reveal why Orisa is so strong

Orisa has been the most dominant tank after role lock was introduced into Overwatch, but why?

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After a year of GOATS, Reinhardt, Zarya, and D.Va dominating the meta, the introduction of role lock was a breath of fresh air for most Overwatch players. However, since the two-DPS two-tank two-support lock has come in, Orisa has risen to the top as the most popular pick in the game.

Her short cooldown barrier and ability to block crowd control as well as disrupt the enemy team gives her great utility, while her DPS is one of the best in the tank role. But, Reddit user ‘Charlesmange42’ definitively broke down the stats behind Orisa’s abilities and what makes her so much better than everyone else.

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Orisa’s shields are elite

Activision-BlizzardOrisa has the most effective shield in the game.

Orisa has one of the most versatile barriers in the game. It shields for 900 damage on a eight second cooldown, and can be thrown across the map. Its shape also allows teams to bunker themselves behind it, and she isn’t forced to hold it up like a Reinhardt would, meaning she can do other things at the same time.

Orisa’s barrier is twice as effective as Winston’s, whose shield also blocks 600 damage, but is on a 13 second cooldown. 

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Reinhardt and Sigma need to drop their shields to recharge them from time to time, which means they can be ineffective at points, and requires them to use their shields at perfect times to get the same effectiveness as Orisa can. In fact, for Sigma’s shield to be more effective, Sigma needs an enemy Bastion to hammer away at it constantly.

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Orisa’s DPS is high for a tank

Activision-BlizzardOrisa has the highest DPS out of any shield tank.

Orisa’s primary fire is unique to other shield tanks. She is the only one with a consistent ranged primary fire, and outranges other shield tanks. Not only that, her Fusion Cannon can critically hit and has very little spread.

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Besides that, she also has the highest DPS out of the main tanks. Winston comes in at 44.8 DPS, while Reinhardt and Sigma have 83.3 and 85.5 DPS respectively. Orisa trumps them all, with 109.6 DPS, and that’s without critical hits. This allows teams to free up a DPS slot to grab more utility, like a Mei, without sacrificing too much damage in a team fight.

Orisa’s utility is busted

Blizzard EntertainmentOrisa has a lot of support in her kit.

Lastly, Orisa can provide more effective utility than any other shield tank. Winston’s strength is his mobility and ability to isolate and shred targets. Reinhardt can knock down an entire enemy team, while Sigma can lift them all up and leave them vulnerable. But Orisa can use her Halt to group enemy together from range to set up combos, and it’s on an eight second cooldown.

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With Reinhardt and Sigma, their displacement requires them to charge up their ultimates. Same goes for Winston’s Primal Rage. But Orisa’s ultimate, Supercharger, allows her team to dish out more damage, and doesn’t require her to constantly tend to it to keep it alive. She can also deny enemy utility with good timing on her Fortify.

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While having either busted DPS, shields, or utility is fine, having all three is not healthy for the game. Orisa in combination with another tank like Sigma or D.Va is practically unstoppable based on the stats, and is the real engine behind the new role lock meta.

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