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Overwatch: Sombra’s Stealth ability doesn’t always guarantee safety

Published: 27/Sep/2019 19:33 Updated: 27/Sep/2019 20:25

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Overwatch’s Sombra is a force to be reckoned with as her Stealth ability means that she can wreak havoc on unsuspecting enemies. But it’s not an impenetrable move, as one unlucky player found out.

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Sombra was the second new character to be added to the first-person shooter’s growing roster back in November of 2016, and she’s since become a favorite among DPS players due to her powerful hacking and invisibility moves.

But one Overwatch player found out the hard way that just because people don’t see the Mexican coming, it doesn’t mean that she’s unstoppable.


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Sombra’s Stealth ability doesn’t guarantee safety

Overwatch fan ‘GetsThruBuckner’ shared a video of their unlucky Sombra play on Reddit, proving that even when you think you’re safe, there’s never a guarantee.

In the clip, the Sombra player is running to one of the enemy spawn points on the Route 66 map while in her Stealth mode. Despite being undetectable to the naked eye, the hacker is suddenly one-shot killed out of nowhere by a gold Doomfist’s Rocket Punch move.

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It then switched to the enemy’s point of view on the Kill Cam feed, and showed that the Doomfist had no idea of the Mexican’s presence, and was just simply trying to use his ability to speed up the time it takes to leave the spawn point.


It was a classic case of a ‘wrong place, wrong time’ situation, but just goes to show that Sombra is not as guarded as first thought when in her Stealth mode.

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Usually, the only sure-fire way to target a stealthed-Sombra is either when she’s been detected by an enemy player or with Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight ultimate ability. 

But as evidenced by the video, a lucky Doomfist punch can sometimes work wonders too.

Blizzard EntertainmentYou’re not always safe as Sombra.
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With October swiftly approaching and no word yet as to when the Halloween Terror event will be, fans are eager for any scrap of information regarding new skins. 


Last year saw the addition of the Bride skin for Sombra, but there’s no telling whether she’ll be getting another one this year.