Overwatch's Sombra brought to life in impressively realistic cosplay

Meg Bethany Koepp

A talented Overwatch fan has brought Sombra to life with their incredibly realistic cosplay, making it look like she’s stepped straight out of the game itself.

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Sombra was added to Overwatch as its 23rd hero, and quickly became one of the game’s most-loved characters. She is a staple for teams who need to take down an enemy Bastion or Pharah, with her Translocator ability making her a difficult target to pin down.

One talented fan took their love for the Mexican hero to the next level, and created a cosplay so realistic that it looks like she’s managed to hack herself out of the game and into real life.

Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s hacking abilities make her a fan favorite.
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“Everything can be hacked… and everyone”

Photographer NitelpaZ Photoarts posted their photo set onto the Russian social media app ‘VK’, where they showed off cosplayer Leyla ‘Lil Jude’ Farkhrtdinova’s amazing skills. 

The photographer even edited the photos to make it look like the cosplayer is really in the game, adding a whole new element of realism.

NitelpaZ Photoarts / Leyla Fakhrtdinova
Lil Jude’s cosplay is so realistic.
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The outfit itself is of Sombra’s Talon skin, and features the organisation’s signature red T logo on the breastplate, as well as the spikes on the shoulder pads.

Her gun even features the knife-blade from the game, for an extra authentic touch. What we love most is the wig, which is styled perfectly to match Sombra’s hair.

The hacking hero is canonically Talon’s hacker agent, and works against the Overwatch team. Her Talon skin brings out the character’s dark side, and Lil Jude really captures that spirit with her rendition.

NitelpaZ Photoarts / Leyla Fakhrtdinova
“So many targets, so little time.”
NitelpaZ Photoarts / Leyla Fakhrtdinova
The photoshopped background makes the cosplay pop.

This is one of the best Sombra cosplays we’ve seen to date. It is simply crazy how realistic it looks, especially with the photoshopped backgrounds. Lil Jude did an amazing job.

When will we get a new Sombra skin?

The Anniversary 2019 event saw a new Oro skin for the hacker hero, but it was just a new gold and black recolor of her original skin. While it looks cool, it’s hard not to wish for something a little bit more intricate rather than just a redesign of an old outfit.

Non-BlizzCon attendees have been pining for her Demon Hunter skin ever since it was teased to be releasing outside of the event sometime in 2019, but are still yet to see it come to the game.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan confirmed the Summer Games Event is coming in August, so it is possible we could see a new proper Sombra skin then.

Last year’s event gave her two new skins, Mexicana and the Splatoon-esque Tulum, so maybe she’ll get a new one this year. We can hope.