Overwatch skin idea transforms Ashe into infamous Disney villain & we love it - Dexerto

Overwatch skin idea transforms Ashe into infamous Disney villain & we love it

Published: 20/Jan/2022 11:05

by Lauren Bergin


A stunning Disney X Overwatch crossover skin for feisty anti-hero, Ashe, will send a ‘sudden chill’ down your spine.

Overwatch’s resident rebel with a cause, Ashe, has etched herself into the hearts of the game’s community with her fiery personality and Western-inspired quips.

It turns out that she’s also become the perfect model for some insane crossover skins, featuring some of gaming’s finest characters. In the wake of Resident Evil Village, we saw a terrifyingly tantalizing crossover idea that we have literally need to see make it into the game.

There’s a new design in town, though, and it transforms Route 66’s criminal mastermind into one of Disney’s most iconic villains, and trust us when we say if it doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.


overwatch poolside ashe summer games 2021 skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe was gifted three new skins in 2021, but none of them have quite the swagger of this design.

Cruella de Vil Ashe skin is perfect for Overwatch

Given Ashe once brushed shoulders with the socialites of Overwatch’s future America, she’s no stranger to the finer things in life. Therefore, what better Disney villain to transform into than 101 Dalmatians’ fearsome Cruella de Vil.

Channeling her Posh and Mobster skins, the Deadlock queen is strutting her stuff in Cruella’s bright red heels, tight-fitting little black dress, and, of course, that Dalmatian coat.

From a cowboy hat to a wide-brimmed black number sporting a spotted ribbon, even her iconic Viper shotgun is decked out in that Dalmatian pattern.

What we are absolutely obsessed with, however, is her hair. Those silvery locks have been cut short and parted down the middle, transformed into Cruella’s infamous black and white split-dye.


Described as “brilliant, bad, and a little bit mad,” by the original artist, Overwatch Madskillz, we’d love to see Ashe become the queen of cruel for Halloween Terror 2022.

While unfortunately, crossover skins remain pretty unlikely (we’ve only seen intra-Blizzard crossovers in Overwatch), we’ll have to see if that changes given the recent Microsoft buyout. Maybe we’ll see them introduced in Overwatch 2, but until then we will have to settle with just our imaginations.