Overwatch skin concept shows what Sigma would look like retired from Talon

Activision Blizzard

We all know what our favorite Overwatch heroes look like now, but what about when they retire? One fan’s Sigma skin concept has your answer.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2021 event had a remarkably low number of skins, but developers have promised that many more will be coming in 2022.

This has sent the game’s design community into full-on creator mode, bringing forth an array of new skin possibilities for 2022.

But one design featuring future Sigma after retirement from Talon may just take the cake as the best of the best.

Overwatch: Retired Sigma concept skin

SigmaActivision Blizzard
Sigma is one of Overwatch’s most uniquely designed characters with some amazing skins already.

Reddit user orloffel_ took the time to craft a concept skin for what Sigma might look like after retirment, and Overwatch fans are in love with the result.

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The skin features the Dutch maestro turned classic old man, fit with some suspenders and even some socks and shoes to cover up his usually exposed feet.

All in all, it captures so much of Sigma’s personality and what fans love about the old hero, all in one amazing skin. And, with some wacky ones we’ve seen in the past, its not out of the question to see something like this become a reality.

The artist provided context into what went into the skin as well, writing: “I imagine it to be an anniversary skin. Our man got into woodworking. I thought in the back maybe a backpack with some cute woodworking accessories on it, not so much machinery.”

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The post has been upvoted over 1,500 times and has received multiple endorsements showing the community’s appreciation and approval. But, one thing became perfectly clear – people wanted slippers instead of brown shoes.

Enough people got on board to the point that the artist actually made a whole new post, giving Sigma’s feet-loving fans what they so longed for.

But, despite most of the comments showing love for the art, or Sigma’s feet, some had to take a shot at the low-hanging fruit of a “future” skin idea.

“Sigma when OW2 is released,” wrote one, while the artist replied, “*if OW2 is released.”

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News on that front could be coming soon, according to a leak from the content creator meeting back in December.

So, if this really is Sigma when Overwatch 2 comes out, devs are going to need to get to work on getting this in-game, and fast!