Overwatch’s Sigma is the perfect candidate for a Halloween skin

Blizzard Entertainment

A creative Overwatch fan has created an interesting Sigma skin that perfectly demonstrates why he should be a candidate for a Halloween Terror skin during the event this year.

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Overwatch houses one of the most creative communities there is – from amazing hero concepts to elaborate skins that look like they’ve come straight out of the game itself, players have designed it all. 

Sigma is the latest hero to join the roster, and while he is only available for play on the PTR servers currently, that hasn’t stopped fans from imagining the possibilities of potential skins for his unique design.

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“Give me a moment to think!”

An Overwatch fan named Armando Gonzalez-Dorta created a Sigma Mage Skin concept and posted it on Artstation, where players were blown away. 

The design shows the mad scientist with thick pauldrons, and a belt with a skeleton head in the center, as an icy blue colored glow runs throughout his armor.

Armando Gonzalez DortaArmando’s design is so cool.
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The coolest aspect of the concept are his Hyperspheres, which have been turned into ‘D-20’ dice. The dice were originally created for the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons, but have universally been adopted for many other table top games since.

Sigma’s overall design looks like something out of classic World of Warcraft, and fits perfectly into the mage archetype. A scrapped concept shows him with a beard, and he oddly suits it.

Armando Gonzalez DortaA discarded version shows Sigma with a beard.
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So far Blizzard has tackled a lot of character tropes for their Halloween event. From Reaper’s Dracula costume, to Mercy’s Witch outfit, they have covered almost everything and in between.

The company has yet to create a skin based on the mage/wizard type for the event, and Sigma’s ranged attacks would make for the perfect fit.

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As we continue to wait for Sigma to finally release on the public servers, we can look to the Overwatch community to continue to dream up all the potential that he has for skins.