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Overwatch: Sigma D.Va combo is the most devastating yet

Published: 22/Sep/2019 18:54 Updated: 22/Sep/2019 19:14

by Brent Koepp


An Overwatch duo’s devastating Play of the Game reminds us of a deadly character combination that should never be overlooked: tank heroes Sigma and D.Va.

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Sigma was added to Overwatch with a patch on August 12 after a slew of cryptic teases and hints, and has since become one of the best heroes to push back against the opposing team by using his Experimental Barrier.

Orisa was previously considered to be one of the top combo characters for the astrophysicist because of her own barrier skill, but the recent update on September 17 loosened their hold a little bit, making it so Sombra’s hack can take his shield away.


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D.Va and Sigma combo

Reddit user ‘Shirikova’ uploaded a video on September 21, reminding players that not all hope is lost with the recent patch – D.Va is still here.

In the clip, the player’s team is trying to capture Attack point B in the Temple of Anubis map. Suddenly, a well-coordinated use of both Sigma and D.Va’s ultimates at the same time wreaks havoc on the enemy, and nabs a six-kill wipe in a matter of seconds as the bomb explodes just as the foes are slammed to the ground.

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The other half of the deadly duo ‘Island_Wind’ also uploaded their point-of-view to Reddit, where players could watch the obliteration from a different perspective.


Hilariously, while a joint team effort, the D.Va player got the POTG, while Sigma was awarded with a highlight. 

This is just one of those rare occasions where fans almost wish there could be two Play of the Games in certain circumstances.

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Sigma and McCree combo

If D.Va isn’t your style, American hero McCree can also prove to be deadly when paired up with the astrophysicist, as demonstrated by YouTuber ‘Iceman9009’.

In order to pull off the combo properly, Sigma needs to use his Gravitic Flux to throw the opposing team up in the air while the cowboy-esque character uses his High Noon. It doesn’t look as cool as the combination with the Korean hero, but it can still net you some kills if done properly.


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Overwatch is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on October 15, making this the perfect time to learn some new character combos in time for the game’s first ever handheld release.

It also boasts motion controls, giving players a whole new way to practice the accuracy of their shots.