Overwatch Sept 29 patch notes: Game-breaking Genji & Tracer bug fix, more

Genji on King's RowBlizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch patch has gone live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, along with a series of bug fixes – including some big ones for Genji and Tracer.

The two damage heroes have felt a little different as of late with Tracer being unable to Blink properly while in certain rooms. Meanwhile, Genji was buffed due to a bug that allowed the cyborg ninja to inflict double damage with his Swift Strike Dash attack.

As Dexerto previously reported, the Tracer bug plagued Overwatch streamer ‘Kragiee’ during a match on Junkertown where he was unable to Blink forward while in a small room on first point.

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Blizzard did acknowledge the bug’s existence and placed it on the official forum’s “Known Issues” list. Now, Tracer players should be able to Blink around like normal and be a menace in the enemy backline.

Tracer blinks into battleBlizzard Entertainment
Tracer mains can finally Blink like normal.

The next major bug fix comes for Genji’s Dash, which many in the community discovered could deal double damage if timed right.

This bug was a major deal as it drastically changed up the amount of follow-up Genji players would need in order to finish a target off – or better yet – use it to their advantage to get even more Dash resets.

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With Genji back to normal, it will be interesting to see how the hero performs and if the bug had an inadvertent effect on the character’s win rate.

Genji uses Swift StrikeBlizzard Entertainment
Genji no longer does double damage with Swift Strike.

Additionally, a bug that prevented skill ratings from displaying properly in the career profile has also been fixed, so players annoyed by not seeing their SRs for past seasons can finally do so again.

Full patch notes:



  • Fixed a bug that caused the “gg ez” filter to no longer work properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Add a Friend” button to disappear when using a controller on PC
  • Fixed a bug with skill ratings not appearing in the career profile for non-role queue competitive seasons
  • Fixed a bug that caused Twitch drops for Tracer’s Comic Challenge to not be received in game (rolling fix over the past week)



  • Fixed a bug that caused Swift Strike to inflict double damage under specific circumstances


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Blink from working properly in specific rooms