Overwatch Sep 7 update adds crazy new game mode features: patch notes

baptiste overwatchActivision Blizzard

A new Overwatch patch has just gone live on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, bringing updates to the Custom Games browser alongside some overall qualify of life updates.

One of Overwatch’s greatest things is its community, which has independently produced so many amazing Custom Games since the game introduced the feature.

Fans have taken customization to new levels, making games like Tiny Overwatch, Doomfist Sumo, Reinkart, and so many other wacky game modes to mess around with while in queue, or even in place of playing Competitive.

Now, those modes get a buff, receiving ways to better organize them and celebrate the game’s most popular fan-made game modes.

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malevento overwatchActivision Blizzard
Malevento joins Overwatch’s Deathmatch map roster soon. Currently on the PTR.

Custom Game Improvements

The primary thrust of these latest patch notes is the improvements made to Custom Games.

Now, players will be able to mark which custom games they’d like to come back to, their favorites, and be able to see what the community at large is playing the most. This will all be available in the Custom Games tab on the main Overwatch title screen.

The full patch notes can be seen below, outlining the exact names of the tabs and providing comments from the developers on the changes.

Full patch notes:

New Custom Game Browser tabs

  • Popular
  • Favorites
  • Recent
  • All Games

New Custom Game setting

  • Mode Name

Developer comments:

“Previously, it was difficult for players to keep track of the ever-growing collection of player-created game modes. The Custom Game Browser’s new tabs give these modes a chance to shine. The Popular tab shows off some of the most-played modes as well as modes that have started to trend. The Favorites tab lets you build a personal collection of modes — just select the star icon next to any mode you’d like to see in this list. The Recent tab shows modes that you have recently played. Finally, the All Games tab gives you the standard, familiar list of lobbies. We’ve also added the ability to search for lobbies by share code.

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In order to help identify modes, we’ve added a new Mode Name setting right above the Description in Custom Game Settings. This Mode Name will be used to represent modes in the Custom Game Browser tabs. Creators are encouraged to reupload their modes with Mode Name filled out. (If it isn’t filled out, the share code itself is displayed instead.)

Since these new features are being used by the public for the first time, we may need to make adjustments to how the Popular tab chooses its modes. If you notice that the Popular tab isn’t showing the modes that you might expect, please be patient with us as we tune the feature to present the best collection of modes that we can.

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We’re excited about the possibilities these new features will bring to Custom Games, and we’ll be watching and listening to your feedback to improve the Custom Game Browser experience.”

The rest of the notes go on to detail several bug fixes, as well as the return of Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination. This is Season 4 of that game mode.