Overwatch Senior Designer “strongly against NFTs” being added to the game

Activision Blizzard

NFTs have become a point of contention across much of the gaming community, but an Overwatch Senior Designer doesn’t want them anywhere near the game.

Overwatch, like any other game, has tons of cosmetics for players to collect, whether it be skins, sprays, or player icons. But, as it currently stands, there’s no “ownership” of these items that prevent others from having the same thing.

This is much of the sentiment of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, that have begun popping up in the gaming community as an alternative to collectible cosmetics.

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But, according to one Overwatch Senior Designer, players won’t have to worry about that coming to the game any time soon.

Overwatch Designer slams NFTs

overwatch reinhardt poses with hammerBlizzard Entertainment
Based on community sentiment, Overwatch players would not welcome NFTs to the game.

Jorge Murillo, a designer on the Overwatch team, took to Twitter on January 23 to give his take on NFTs and their potential to be added to OW.

He made the following statement, opting not to quote retweet the original person who triggered him to speak out in the first place, writing:

“I’m not going to QT (Quote Retweet) the person because I don’t like the dogpiling that happens on Twitter, but as a dev on the Overwatch team, I am strongly against NFTs and will fight to make sure they aren’t integrated into our game.”

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This comes as a strong statement against the integration of the ownable cosmetics, and one that fans have immediately taken a liking to in the comments.

Many expressed their appreciation with memes, as Twitter does, while others offered heartfelt “Thank you’s” and other tongue and cheek praises.

“W dev, W game, L executives,” wrote one of the top comments, refusing to give any positive credit to executives at Activision Blizzard amid the company’s ongoing controversy.

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This is an understandable response, especially in light of the intense backlash to Ubisoft’s announcement of their Quartz NFT project.

Time will have to tell if NFTs make their way to Overwatch, or OW2, especially as the game changes hands to Microsoft in the coming months.

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