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Overwatch reveals Kkachi Echo skin & highlight for Lunar New Year event

Published: 3/Feb/2021 23:51

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch has announced yet another skin and highlight intro ahead of the 2021 Lunar New Year event scheduled to begin on February 4, this time in the form of Kkachi Echo.

The beautiful new skin transforms Echo into the bird of the same name, normally found in Russia and China, but most well-known in Korea.

According to the BBC, the kkachi is the “national bird of Korea” and is said to bring good fortune, as well as being a provider of prosperity and development.

The neat-looking skin is packed with dark blue and gray feathers, which, in a way, invert nicely with Echo’s original color scheme.


Considering that Echo is still the newest Overwatch hero and will probably remain so until the game’s sequel is released, it makes sense that she’s received yet another skin to help her catch up with the rest of the roster.

Perhaps the best part of the announcement, however, is the cool highlight intro, which has Echo perform a neat dance with fans made out of light.

The twirl she does followed by the close-up of her face makes it one of the best for the hero yet. We can’t wait to see players equip it and score some amazing POTGs to show it off.


Echo duplicating Overwatch targets
Blizzard Entertainment
It’s always nice to see a new Echo skin.

Like most Legendary tier skins, expect to spend around 3,000 in-game coins for Echo kkachi. That said, you can also try your luck at unlocking it by earning some lootboxes.

Previously, Overwatch had announced a cool Tiger Huntress Ashe skin for the event, but given the fact it’s Year of the Ox, it’s more than possible that Orisa is given a skin, too. After all, her horse-like appearance could work nicely as an ox-inspired costume.

We’ll know all of the new skins, cosmetics and gameplay features the new event has to offer when the Lunar New Year finally kicks off on February 4, 2021.