Overwatch reveals its biggest official map ever in new PTR update

Overwatch Workshop update new mapsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has rolled out a surprise new update for the Workshop mode that brings three new exclusive maps to the mode, including one that’s officially the largest to ever be in the game.

Along with the highly-anticipated new Hero Pool feature, Overwatch’s February 4 PTR patch included a ton of updates for the Workshop mode as well.

The Workshop was introduced to Overwatch in April 2019, and since then fans have created all kinds of game modes to enjoy, including UNO, which has since become a favorite for DPS mains as they wait in the Competitive queue.

Overwatch Workshop Island MapBlizzard Entertainment
Workshop Island is just one of the three new maps introduced with the update.

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Overwatch developers Dan Reed and Zach Metcalf said they hope the new Workshop updates will mean “more power, fewer limitations, and even cooler creations as a result.”

The big news for most Overwatch fans is the addition of three brand new maps with the update, even though they’re only available in the Workshop mode.

The new maps are Workshop Chamber, an enclosed 40×40 room, Workshop Island, another 40×40 square with no roof or walls, and Workshop Expanse, a blank 900×900 meter plane. Size-wise, it’s the largest map Overwatch has ever released.

Workshop Expanse OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Workshop Expanse looks absolutely massive, and big enough for almost anything Overwatch players can imagine.

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Reed and Metcalf said they were inspired to create the new maps by the length that players were going to find appropriate environments for their custom game modes.

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“A lot of the popular game modes actually go to various places out of bounds in maps,” Metcalf said. “Like the roof of Havana, for example, because it’s a nice, flat plane where they can do arena game modes.”

The new Workshop Chamber map certainly seems to resemble to old roof area of Havana, and it gives us some serious Portal vibes at the same time.

Overwatch Workshop Chamber mapBlizzard Entertainment
Symmetra players and Portal fans, eat your heart out.

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While these maps might not be available in regular Overwatch matches, it will be cool to see what kinds of modes creative players use them to come up with.

To get all the nuts and bolts on the major Workshop update and all the details on the new-release Hero Pool feature, be sure to check out Dexerto’s full February 4 Overwatch PTR patch notes.

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