Overwatch reveals first Storm Rising skin for Baptiste and it’s incredible

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

The first new skin for Overwatch’s Storm Rising event takes Baptiste back to his roots as a foot soldier for the evil Talon organization.

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Overwatch revealed the first new skin for the Storm Rising Archives event and it’s for none other than the game’s newest hero: Baptiste.

Baptiste was released from the PTR to Overwatch on March 19 and ever since he’s been showing up more and more as players figure out how to use his unique kit.

The newest healer to Overwatch was also featured in a Storm Rising skin leak from April 9 that seems to have been legit based on the latest news.

Apart from being evil, Baptiste also looks a lot younger.
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A skin worthy of Baptiste?

Baptiste gets taken back to his origins with the TALON BAPTISTE skin, based on the time he spent as a solider in the organization.

Like Sombra, Doomfist and Widowmaker’s Talon skins, Baptiste’s features white and red armor with the Talon logo on his bandana.

His hair is slightly longer than other skins, which matches up with the leak from April 9 and indicates the other heroes mentioned, McCree, Bastion and Monocled B.O.B. will also be getting skins for Storm Rising.

The skin is listed as a legendary, so it will cost 2000 coins to purchase during the event if players aren’t lucky enough to get it in an event loot box.

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When do the rest of the Storm Rising skins come out?

Overwatch has updated their xQc mocks Overwatch stream-sniping hacker “you had one job”

Overwatch’s Storm Rising Archives event is set to begin on Tuesday, April 16 and there will only be more hype as more skins and details about the event are revealed.

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