Overwatch reveals Anniversary Remix Volume 1 event skins featuring D.Va, Mercy, more

Overwatch reveals 2022 Anniversary skins featuring D.Va, Mercy, moreBlizzard

As fans prepare for the annual anniversary event, Overwatch revealed the six skins that will be part of the 2022 Anniversary Remix Volume 1, which features some of the most popular heroes like D.Va, Mercy, and more.

Earlier on March 31, Blizzard revealed their plans for future events in 2022. Instead of having things like Summer Games and Winter Wonderland, they are being replaced by the Anniversary Remixes.

This will feature different volumes, which each giving players the opportunity to unlock any skin from previous themes, as well as the new ones that are getting “remixed.”

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Six old skins are getting makeovers for each volume, and with the first one starting on April 5, players got to see the skins that will be released.

Overwatch 2022 Anniversary Remix skins

In a tweet from Overwatch source ‘OverwatchNaeri,’ fans were given their first look at what the “remixed” skins will be for Anniversary Remix: Volume 1.

As seen in from the pictures, some of Overwatch’s most iconic heroes like D.Va, Mercy, and Genji are going to the first to get some of their old skins revamped.

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All of these skins will be available when Volume 1 hits the live servers and we have listed the six that will be remixed in Volume 1.

  • Demon Genji
  • Evermore Reaper
  • Mage Mercy
  • Steelhardt Reinhardt
  • White Cat D.VA
  • Zealot Zenyatta
White Reinhardt skin overwatchr remixBlizzard Entertainment
Six heroes, including Reinhardt are getting “remixed” skins in Anniversary Volume 1

While Overwatch has been known for colorful and vibrant skins, Volume 1 of the Anniversary remix will tone that down and give these skins a white chroma. These are all new skins, so even if you own the skins these are based off of, you will need to acquire the new one to use it in matches.

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Blizzard Community Manager AndyB said that they want to take “some of the most popular skins ever released” and create a new spinoff for players to grab. At the time of writing it’s unknown if all the remixed skins for future volumes will be white chromas as well.

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