Overwatch Replay mode shows off Torbjörn’s crazy Turret animations

Bill Cooney

Torbjörn’s turret has gone through a lot of changes since new Replay feature is giving players a never-before-seen look at how the turret goes from being thrown out to a fully-deployed death machine.

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When deployed, Torb’s turret has 250 health and deals 56 damage a second (14 damage per shot at four shots a second) to any enemy within 40 meters, which is usually the first one the turret locks onto.

Besides being the most annoying thing on the planet to deal with as an attacking team, there’s also quite a bit of animation that goes into constructing the turret. 

So, Reddit user Owlero used the new Replay feature to give us a step-by-step look at one of the most magical parts of Overwatch – the birth of a Torbjörn turret.

Blizzard EntertainmentTorbjörn players love the turret almost as much as Torb himself.
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“My baby!”

Torbjorn loves his turret, and after seeing the amount of work that goes into the construction of each one, it’s not hard to see why.

The turret begins life as four legs with a handle attached, but almost as soon as it gets thrown out, the handle disappears and the process begins.

As the turret begins construction, it’s like a trip down memory lane for players, with the old first form appearing briefly before being automatically beefed up to its current form.

A lot of users said the animation reminded them of how Team Fortress 2’s Sentry Gun deployed, except Torbjorn’s turret doesn’t have a rocket launcher (any more, at least).

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When does Replay go live?

We don’t know exactly when the Replay feature will go live from the PTR, but with the Overwatch League version becoming available on June 11 for players to watch matches with, it will probably be soon.

Only Blizzard knows for sure how soon that will actually be, but it’s been on the PTR for close to a month at the time of writing so a proper release probably isn’t too far off.

With the new Workshop and Replay features, this Summer is already shaping up to be a big one for Overwatch and fans are already trying to anticiapte what will come next.