Overwatch releases stop motion Christmas animation featuring Tracer and Reaper

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch has given fans an early Christmas gift this year: a new stop-motion animation of Tracer and Reaper battling over Santa’s cookies.


The first stop-motion animation also featured Reaper and Tracer making a cake for the game’s second anniversary in May, 2018.

The pair return in the newest short, except this time Tracer is attempting to keep Santa’s cookies out of Reaper’s claws.


The short takes place in a living room on Christmas eve after cookies are left out for Santa, Reaper decides he wants some, but Tracer know these treats are meant for the big man himself.

After an impressively-animated fight sequence, the man in red makes a short appearance, and drops off a new addition to the cast, Doomfist, who promptly shatters the plate the cookies were on.



Stop-motion animation is an extremely time consuming method of filming, so the Overwatch team has probably been working on this since the last one came out in May.

Blizzard is also giving fans a bunch of new holiday skins and cosmetics as part of the Winter Wonderland event this year, which runs until January 2, 2019.