Two angry Overwatch rivals prove even teabaggers can be hilariously wholesome

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Toxicity in gaming is usually no laughing matter, but a recent Overwatch interaction shows that it can be — as two players beefed with each other in-game, then in chat, before coming to a very wholesome, heartwarming conclusion.

Competitive online multiplayers can get very spicy, often in unique ways to each game’s community. While Call of Duty players have disrespectful finishing moves, Overwatch players can use various emotes (jar of peanut butter, anyone?). 

The one constant across all shooting games (unless you’re playing as D.Va) is teabagging: the act of crouching up and down above your opponent. And the one constant across all online multiplayers is the ability to message your opponents.

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A recent Overwatch moment combined both universal elements of BM (bad manners), as a player teabagged their opponent and quickly received a PlayStation message from the disrespected enemy. Surprisingly, in a testament to gamer wholesomeness, things somehow ended happily.

PlayStation allows you to message any user who hasn’t made their account fully private. That allowed someone who was teabagged by Reddit’s ‘Luka87uchiha’ to quickly send them a message asking why.

The mysterious opponent was none too pleased, demanding to know the rationale behind their humiliation: “What’s the point of teabagging me? What have I ever done to you?” 

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Self-reflective and conscious of their own shortcomings, Luka immediately apologized — explaining that it was a product of temporary rage.

That sensation was something the anonymous opponent understood (like most gamers) and was willing to accept.

overwatch sorry sprayBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch is all about apologizing after misbehaving.

But Luka wasn’t satisfied with just acceptance and quickly upped the apology: “I’m an idiot acting like a baby, sorry bro.” And then comes the response all gamers can appreciate: “You are not an idiot nor a baby, you were just consumed by anger.”

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By the end, both sides had complimented each other’s DPS skills and sent “GG” messages.

And to the rest of us, including thousands on Reddit, this entire interaction leaves us with one message: it’s forgivable to be consumed by anger sometimes and it doesn’t make you an idiot or a baby.

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