Overwatch pros bring out infamous D.Va Bomb trick for massive playoff 5K

overwatch pro dva bomb teleporter symmetra trickOverwatch League / Blizzard Entertainment

When $3.2 million is up for grabs, you bring the tricks out — and that’s exactly what an Overwatch League team did during the playoffs. Hoping for a comeback, the Shock brought back the Symmetra D.Va Teleporter Bomb trick for a near team wipe.

If you’ve been following Overwatch, you know how Symmetra’s Teleporter can be used for a variety of tricks. Among them, the D.Va Bomb is one of the most devastating options, but also one of the hardest to pull off.

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The Teleporter Bombs have been a thing since back in 2020, and, more recently, with trick shots in 2021 — but it’s very rare to see them pulled off at the highest level of Overwatch competition.

So you can imagine the teams, viewers, and casters’ surprise when the San Francisco Shock pulled out one of the oldest tricks in the book. Down 0-2, the team not only threw out the Teleporter Bomb, they got a team wipe out of it.

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As you can see in the clip, the Shock were approaching the choke point between their spawns and the final checkpoint on King’s Row. 

With the payload right at the corner of the first bend, San Francisco’s Hyo-bin ‘ChoiHyoBin’ Choi sat his D.Va Bomb down at the entryway and Gil-seong ‘Glister’ Lim immediately teleported it directly onto the payload.

In the blink of an eye, a bomb was detonating amidst the defending Shanghai Dragons and five of them got obliterated (with baby D.Va taken out moments later).

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While Shock fans and casters were all a mixture of surprised and impressed, even the opposing team had to give their kudos. Waiting to spawn back in, Shanghai main tank Pan-seung ‘Fate’ Koo took the time to drop a “wow” in the game chat.

And, for those who might act like this was a super obvious play and one that everybody has at the ready — the Reddit comments paint a different picture. One user responded “how the f**k did this happen” and another replied “Holy f**k, I forgot that mechanic existed.

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Ultimately, San Francisco still lost the match, but hey, at least they proved that you shouldn’t permanently retire the oldest tricks in the book.