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Overwatch Pros and Analysts Weigh In On The Brigitte Meta

Published: 2/May/2018 5:34 Updated: 14/Mar/2019 13:07

by Joe O'Brien


The new season of Overwatch ranked play introduces new hero Brigitte into competition for the first time.

Though Brigitte was added to the game on March 20th, she was not included in competitive play for the entirety of season nine, to give players a chance to get used to her in quick play before encountering her in ranked matches.

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With Brigitte’s introduction into competitive play, however, the topic of how she is balanced has become of greater concern, with the consequences of imbalance being higher when more is at stake.

The progression of Brigitte into the online ladders means that her appearance in more significant competition, such as contenders and the Overwatch League, may not be far away, and so those involved at the higher levels of play have begun to weigh in.


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San Francisco Shock’s André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström had several thoughts on Brigitte and her place in the meta:


European Contenders player Robert ‘Shadder2k’ Mocanu highlighted his thoughts while streaming:


Philadelphia Fusion streamer Kabaji showed off what Brigitte is capable of in ladder matches:


Overwatch commentator Andrew ‘ZP’ Rush connected Brigitte to another long-standing debate:


XL2 Academy’s Liam ‘Mangachu’ Campbell gave his thoughts on what needs to change:

So far, Blizzard has not commented on whether or not they feel Brigitte is in need of any balance changes.