Overwatch pro shows why Lucio is deadlier than DPS with insane clip

lucio overwatch attackingBlizzard Entertainment

Every Overwatch hero has the potential to be lethal in the right hands, but for some, such as the Dallas Fuel’s Hyeon-seok ‘ChiYo’ Han, Lucio is an absolute menace.

Lucio is one of the fastest heroes in Overwatch thanks to his ability to wallride all over maps, making him incredibly hard to pin down. With his primary fire, boops, and melees, there are a lot of tools in his arsenal adding to his damage potential.

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Despite this, many Overwatch players queue as traditional DPS, thus causing them to spend more time finding matches than playing them. For ChiYo, however, there’s no need, as Lucio can be as deadly Cassidy, Hanzo, or Echo when he’s controlling the speedy support.

As shown by an incredible clip posted to the Overwatch League pro’s Twitter, his Lucio skills seem to be second to none, and more than capable of taking on full teams by himself.

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Overwatch clip shows true power of Lucio

In the video, the South Korean player begins by wall riding from his attacker spawn on Numbani third right into the face of an enemy Zenyatta.

After landing some juicy headshots on the floating Omnic monk, a melee, and a boop, he secured a nasty opening frag.

Moving onto the Ana, he pulled off something similar, once again wall riding in on her with some primary fires and a melee to snatch another final blow.

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Lucio Lijiang Tower Overwatch recordBlizzard
Overwatch players may want to practice Lucio before OW2.

Next, he took a duel with an Ashe and repeated the formula, jumping all around at speeds so fast you’d think he was Yoda from the Star Wars prequels.

Sadly, his best efforts weren’t enough for the rest of his team to capitalize, but it does go to show that you should never sleep on Lucio and players may want to practice more with the powerful support before a rumored Overwatch 2 beta launches later this month.

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