Overwatch pro hilariously fails after trying to mock teammate for the same mistake

by Joe O'Brien


San Francisco Shock player Matthew 'Super' DeLisi suffered an embarrassing moment in an Overwatch game after attempting to mock a fellow pro’s mistake.


Super was playing as Reinhardt in a ranked game on Hanamura when he made an unfortunate mistake while in the process of making fun of that very mistake.

After Super’s team won a fight defending the first point on Hanamura, a sudden scream came from Dallas Fuel’s Pongphop ‘Mickie’ Rattanasangchod, before the death of his Brigitte, without any input from the enemy, appeared in the kill feed.

After realizing that Mickie had fallen off the edge while chasing down fleeing opponents attempting to reset, Super made his way towards the edge in order to gloat.


Unfortunately, as he did so he accidentally jumped too far, and therefore followed Mickie to his doom.

“Okay, it’s not what it looks like!” Super protested as his team-mates reacted to the sudden loss of their Reinhardt for no discernible reason.


Super's mistake ultimately proved far more costly than Mickie’s. Having less time to return to Point A and being more crucial to the defense, Super’s death meant that the enemy team got a free push onto the capture point.

When questioned on his sudden death, however, Super didn't own up to his failure, instead falling back on a classic gaming excuse and blaming it on lag.