Overwatch pro explains why some high-profile Support players might miss out on Overwatch League

by Joe O'Brien


Last Night’s Leftovers support player Dusttin ‘Dogman’ Bowerman has revealed why some of the more high-profile Zenyatta players in Contenders might not be picked up by Overwatch League teams.


Dogman took to Twitter to explain that many of the Support players that gain acclaim outside of the Overwatch League might not be playing the style that league teams are looking for.

He highlights that in order to get noticed, players often need to focus on the damage capacity of Zenyatta, which in the right hands can be more deadly than a lot of DPS heroes. The flashy, high-elimination style is the best way of showing off exceptional mechanical skill.

The aggressive, damage-focused Zenyatta play-style has certainly proven powerful in the right hands – it was for his insane damage and elimination output that New York Excelsior’s ‘JJoNak’ claimed the Season One MVP title.


Nobody else managed to imitate JJoNak’s exceptional impact with the hero, however. According to Dogman, as teams look to build for Season Two it seems the Western rosters would prefer a more supportive Zenyatta, rather than trying to imitate the outlier success of NYXL’s super-star.

As a result, Dogman speculates that it’s possible several of the Zenyatta players that have made the biggest names for themselves outside of the league for their aggressive play could end up being passed over.


The Overwatch League is now in an open signing window, with all teams able to sign free agents. The twelve Season One teams and the eight new expansion teams will all need to have at least eight players on their roster by December 8.