Overwatch Pro Dafran celebrates Christmas with viewers on Twitch in a hilarious way

by Bill Cooney


With the holidays just around the corner, Overwatch League pro Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca decided to celebrate in his own unique way with fans on his Twitch channel.


Dafran was signed to the Atlanta Reign in one of the most anticipated signings of the offseason; soon after being signed, Dafran indicated he was no longer going to be playing Overwatch, but soon made it clear he was staying on the Reign and still playing.

Now, he streams pretty regularly, and decided to do something special for viewers just before the holidays.


As “Dashing Through the Snow” played, Dafran sat on top of the sleigh payload on King’s Row as Santa Torbjorn and urged his pack of Orisas to pull the sleigh forward.

“Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas,” Dafran said before calling out to his “Reindeer.” “Hey come back reindeer you’re too fast, dude.”


It’s a hilarious clip from Dafran, and the image of Santa Torb sitting on top of a sleigh yelling at a group of Omnic reindeer is just too good.

Fans will get their first chance to see Dafran play for Atlanta when the Overwatch League preseason matches get going on January 28, 2019.