Overwatch players will knock out foes with strategic Chess Workshop mode

Published: 28/Feb/2020 23:10

by Bill Cooney


One creative Overwatch fan has managed to bring the classic game of Chess into the Workshop mode so players can test their skills.

One of the most popular Overwatch Workshop modes ever was actually a recreation of the classic card game UNO.

The game of Chess has been around a good deal longer than UNO (by at least a millennium), but it remains to be seen if the new Overwatch version can match the popularity of the card game.

Overwatch Workshop Island Map
Blizzard Entertainment
The new Workshop Island map actually makes for a perfect chessboard.

Overwatch player and Chess enthusiast PipoSnake170 shared a video of his prototype Workshop Mode on Reddit.

As it turns out, the new “Workshop Island” map actually makes a perfect, regulation eight by eight Chessboard for the mode to work on.

Unfortunately, due to limitations in the Workshop, while Pipo may have been able to make a perfect chessboard, they weren’t able to make all of the pieces different heroes.

“Since the game only allows up to 6v6, 10 bots is the maximum I can work with, so 4-5 bots per team,” The creator explained. “Hardly enough to replace all of them with bots. But yeah I would 100% replace them with the appropriate heroes if I could.”

[5GV4D] OWChess v1.0 – I made a chess game in Overwatch Workshop from Overwatch

Instead of heroes they used various effects to fill in for pieces that weren’t important enough to get a hero to represent them, the full list of pieces is below:

  • Pawn = Spheres

  • Rook = Ring (flat on the floor)

  • Bishop = Cloudy Effect

  • Knight = Orisa

  • Queen = Ana

  • King = Reinhart

It would be awesome to see “OWChess” played with all heroes as pieces, like Lucio or Tracer as Pawns, Bastion or Torb for Rook, and for some reason, it just seems like Moira would be a natural fit in the Bishop position.

Winston could also be switched out with Orisa, since he can jump over other heroes in Overwatch, just like the Knight can jump over other pieces in the board game.

For players who want to test out their Chess skills in Overwatch, or just need something to do while they wait in queue, the code for Pipo’s OWChess 1.0 is: 5GV4D.

Totally Real Overwatch Facts/Tumblr
Winston is also the only Overwatch hero who actually knows the rules of Chess, according to this meme.

Apart from having actual heroes be pieces, it would also be nice to have the option to see the board from a top-down birds eye view, to make playing and planning your moves a little easier.

Overwatch devs are still rolling out Workshop updates, so maybe one day in the future we’ll see a complete Overwatch Chess set made up of entirely heroes.


Amazing Reaper cosplay would make the perfect Overwatch skin

Published: 6/Jan/2021 10:39

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s resident villain Reaper has become one of the game’s most popular damage dealers. With a whole host of cool skins on offer for the infamous Talon agent, one cosplayer has brought an awesome skin concept to life.

Reaper is a pretty polarizing Overwatch character. While one of the key members of Overwatch’s enemy organization Talon, his former involvement with the Blackwatch squad and his fall from grace make him a difficult character to truly hate.

It’s also hard to hate him at the moment, because current glitches within Overwatch have left characters emoting all over the map on loop. While the American rebel is a force to be reckoned with, his dancing makes him seem a little more human.

Enter one cosplayer, who has given the infamous agent a physical form in the real world, but has added extra flair by cosplaying a skin concept that we want to see in-game.

Blizzard Entertainment
Reaper is a fearsome villain both on the virtual battlefield and in the game’s cinematics.

Cosplayer creates Hellspawn Reaper

Working off of a skin concept called “Hellspawn Reaper” by artist FonteArt, cosplayer and Overwatch fan My-Lil-Pwny (Warheart) took to Reddit to show off his take on the demonic design.

Adorned in deep burgundy armor decorated with tattered, fire themed fabric and a hood that would make an evil Little Red Riding Hood proud, this version of Reaper is truly terrifying.

The villain’s iconic mask has been warped and twisted as though it has been forged in the fires of hell itself, and a pair of devil horns protrude from his head whilst also adorning the shoulder plates of his armor.

Part of what gives the cosplay even more life though are the iconic weapons, which have been reimagined with spikes and tarnished gun metal to look as if they’ve been through some wars. Couple that with Warheart incorporating his own awesome tattoos into the mix and this cosplay really takes on a cool new edginess.

[Cosplay] Reaper Hellspawn Cosplay from r/Overwatch

Fans love this cosplay

While the whole thread sees compliments and positivity galore, this skin has sparked a debate around the future of Overwatch skins.

One fan notes that this skin is even better than a similar one that already exists in game, writing: “As much as I love the Hellfire skin, this one makes it look pathetic.”

Another goes on to say: “Blizzard should just pay creators that come up with skin ideas for them, because they sure as hell come up with better skin ideas than Blizzard themselves.” This has been an ongoing debate, as Reddit sees a whole host of skin concepts being posted every day, some of which truly deserve an in-game rendition.

On a more humorous note, one commenter told the cosplayer that he should “apply for a job as a skin” because of how well executed the cosplay was.

So, whether we’ll see Hellspawn Reaper in the future is up to Blizzard, but either this cosplay is a showstopper. We can’t wait to see if Warheart whips up another Overwatch cosplay in the future, but we won’t be forgetting this one anytime soon.