Overwatch players want Symmetra’s Teleporter replaced with jump pad in OW2


Players want to see a brand new ability given to Symmetra for Overwatch 2, one that would aid allies, but at the same time punish enemies.

Symmetra is one Overwatch hero that always seems to be on the drawing board. No matter what her kit consists of, it never seems to click and make her crucial to the meta.

In an attempt to increase her viability, some players think Blizzard should replace her Teleporter with a different mobility ability — a jump pad, a lá Octane from Apex Legends.

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Posted by user Feculator on the Overwatch subreddit, the idea for a Sym Jump Pad is quite simple. It would be represented by the base of the teleporter, and allow allies to use it to jump far higher than they otherwise would be able to.

Enemies, on the other hand, would be knocked back upon coming into contact with it. As with other deployables in Overwatch, it would probably need to be destructible, for balance sake.

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The idea is an interesting one for sure, but whether or not it would provide more mobility and utility than the teleporter already does remains to be seen.

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For example, the TP can already shuttle heroes between various elevations, though on the other hand a jump pad could survive longer, as there’s only one element, instead of two for the enemy to destroy.

symmetra uses ultimateBlizzard Entertainment
The debate over Symmetra’s abilities has been going on since she was a support hero.

Still, other players think Blizzard needs to go a step further, and give her new abilities each season.

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“I think we should change Symmetra every season, spice things up a bit,” one player added. While that might be a tall order, a Jump Pad for Sym honestly wouldn’t be.

We don’t need to wait for devs to add this ability, it could be done easily in the Overwatch Workshop right now. All it would take is a little tinkering, and Symmetra’s Jump Pad could actually be a thing in Custom games right now.

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