Overwatch players want simple change to instantly improve Sigma


One Overwatch fan has found a small tweak for Sigma that could have a major impact in-game once the hero is released from the PTR.

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After plenty of speculation and apparent leaks, Overwatch’s 31st hero – Sigma – was added to the game’s PTR (public test realm) on July 23 – giving players a brand new character to try and master. 

So far, it seems as if Sigma has become a hit as fans have even made his Hyperspheres a reality. The hero has even received a buff to his Kinetic Grasp while in testing but it appears as if some fans still have ideas of their own as to how to improve the hero even further.

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Blizzard EntertainmentSigma has already become an in-game favorite with players.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user Agderi, noted that Sigma’s barrier only currently operates on a hold basis while some players would prefer a toggle. 

Being able to toggle different abilities like zooming in on a scope or powering up a slam is available to other in-game heroes, just not Sigma. 

Agderi even went as far as stating: “I would even argue it should be toggle by default, because I see even top streamers can’t figure it out right away that you need to hold the button to make it move. Now imagine how average players gonna struggle.

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Some other players were immediately drawn to the post and backed the thought process – stating that it’s something they want in-game too. “I 1000% agree with this!” added DoobaDoobaDooba. “I was literally just telling my buddies the other day that this is how my brain WANTS it to work so badly.”

Another, Masinator, added: “I love that! It’s also really difficult when you try to put the barrier super close to you, and it flies off 20 meters before you have time to react.”

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However, not everyone was supportive of the idea for a change. “I disagree, it shouldn’t be toggle default, just as an option,” posted Chroma710. “I like the way it is now.”

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A further subreddit commenter, EnaiSiaion, chimed in with: This is the definition of a first-world problem.”

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It remains to be seen as to whether or not Blizzard can figure out a way to give players what they want, especially if the demand becomes even greater than it already is.

However, they should have plenty of time considering Sigma is still only in the PTR and has yet to be released to the wider game.