Overwatch players want more variety in Competitive map rotation

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment


Overwatch players are wondering why developers haven't implemented a system more regularly like the game's Hero Pools, but instead, for maps.

The title does have rotating sets of stages they implement for Competitive play in an effort to switch things up each Season.

Compared to the more recent Hero Pools update, though, which changes every week, having the same 12 maps available for a couple of months just doesn’t seem to make sense to some players.

Blizzard Entertainment
The maps available in Competitive Season 21, which ends on May 7.


On Reddit, a user by the name of 'Hyperbolic_Response' suggested that if Blizzard were to keep the map rotations, they should make them weekly, in the same style of Hero Pools.

"A whole season of the same few maps gets boring really quickly," Hyperbolic argued - and while some players seemed to agree, others had a different idea.

One of the most popular suggestions, in addition to a quicker rotation, was to just get rid of map pools altogether, with a couple of special exceptions.

"They should just ban Paris and that’s it," Reddit user KChen48 suggested, before adding anther infamously unpopular map. "And Horizon."

If Blizzard is keeping map rotations, make them weekly, like hero bans. from r/Overwatch


However, there might be good news around the corner for players who are sick of Dorado and Rialto this season, as Jeff Kaplan himself has promised changes to the competitive map pool coming 'soon'.

“We're making changes,” Jeff promised at the end of March. “Scott is writing up a blog post about it. Info in the next few weeks.”

We haven't gotten any updates yet, but Kaplan was replying to a user who also complaining at the time about being able to only play 12 different maps over the roughly two-months of each competitive season.

Blizzard Entertainment
Paris isn't in the current Competitive rotation, but that doesn't mean players don't want it gone anyways.


As we covered above, developers could go a couple of different ways with map pools, at least - either changing them to update weekly along with the hero pools, or just getting rid of them entirely.

Whatever they decide to do, it's clear Overwatch players are ready for anything to break up the monotony of the current map rotation.