Overwatch players want Mercy Experimental change to become permanent

Mercy OW Beam permanent featureBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is constantly trying out new mechanics in the Experimental Card and the latest has Mercy fans begging for a Valkyrie feature to stay.

As Blizzard continues to toss around new ideas to balance Overwatch, the team uses the Experimental Card to test these out and get community feedback.

In the recent Experimental patch, Overwatch devs gave some of its most popular players an opportunity to make whatever changes they want to their heroes.

Streamer ML7 focused on support and made some massive changes to the Swiss healer, Mercy, and players want one aspect to stay.

Mercy uses rezBlizzard Entertainment
Mercy got a massive overhaul in the Experimental card.

Overwatch fans want Mercy Valkyrie change to hit live servers

While Mercy’s mass resurrection may have returned in this, her ultimate, Valkyrie became more present in her kit as it was swapped to her Ability 2.

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A Reddit post by ‘loodcatgirl’ the user showcases a new feature on that ability they want to see become part of her kit.

From the clip, you can see that when Mercy uses her ult, her healing and damage beam will break when cast. Now, with the Experimental patch, the beam stays connected when used.

While it may seem like a minor change players think it’s actually super impactful. With Valkyrie’s cast time of around one second, this could be the difference in living or dying.

One Redditor said, “This literally annoys the crap out of me because that millisecond of a break hurts.” Another added, “The amount of times I’ve died because Valk and coal (Moira Ult) have a cast time.”

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mercy ultimateBlizzard
Mercy’s Valkyrie ability causes her beam to break in the live patch.

Some players think the live patch is due to the mechanics of her beam going to multiple people when used. “It must have something to do with the live Valk beam changing to a multi-person beam then.”

However, when Valk ends, the multi-beam will go back to one ally without breaking. So it’s definitely possible to code it the other way, so the beam spreads to multiple heroes without disconnecting.

Even if these Mercy changes don’t go through, players still would want to see this mechanic where Valk’s beam doesn’t break on use implemented to Overwatch’s live server.

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