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Overwatch players want Baptiste nerfs after pro counters game-winning ultimate combo

Published: 8/Oct/2021 23:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players are once again calling for changes or nerfs to Baptiste’s Immortality Field, this time after a pro player used the ability to counter an incredible ultimate combo that would have resulted in a team kill.

Baptiste’s Immortality Field is one of the most controversial abilities in Overwatch, thanks to its incredible life-saving power for both Baptiste and his teammates.

Immortality Field has the second-longest cooldown in the game at 25 seconds, beaten only by Mercy’s Resurrection. But some could argue that it’s far more powerful, especially as it can counter full ultimates.

Now, thanks to a play in Overwatch Contenders, fans are demanding Blizzard do something to balance the ability once and for all.


Immortality Field negates huge combo (SMC vs British Hurricane – EU Contenders Loser’s Final) from Competitiveoverwatch

Immortality Field negates pro Overwatch team combo

During the Contenders Europe Losers Final match between Shu’s Money Crew and British Hurricane, SMU had captured the first point on Numbani and were trying to escort the payload to the yellow box of victory.

Having already halted British Hurricane mid-way through the streets phase in their own overtime attack, Shu’s Money Crew just had to win two team fights to secure the win and the series 3-0.

British Hurricane, however, had other ideas. Despite losing two players, tanks Finnsi and Helv combined both a D.Va Self-Destruct and Reinhardt Earthshatter to knock the SMU players down in what appeared to be a game-winning play.


That was until Slay on the Baptiste threw down his Immortality Field and was able to keep everyone on his team completely alive through the explosion, eventually leading to a fight victory and eventual series win.

Overwatch 2 Baptiste runs in New York
Activision Blizzard
Fans want Baptiste changed for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch players demand Baptiste nerfs

Clips from the match were posted to Reddit where fans began calling for nerfs with even British Hurricane tank Helv chiming in.

“I think it’s probably the most sad moment of my career here,” he wrote.

“It was a huge play. It took the most imbalanced ability in OW to stop you guys here,” a fan chimed in with some support.

Baptiste uses lamp
Blizzard Entertainment
Immortality Field can counter ultimate combos easily.

“Lmao press one button to counter 2 ults love it,” another sarcastically said with an upside-down smile emoji.


Other players, even supports, took issue with the ability getting so much value despite its easy use, on top of the fact the rest of Baptiste’s kit is very powerful.

While nothing is confirmed just yet, it will be interesting to see what the devs do to balance Baptiste in Overwatch 2, especially with some big support news planned in a future update.