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Overwatch • May 26, 2019

Overwatch players uncover massive bug with Havana Payload in PTR

Overwatch players uncover massive bug with Havana Payload in PTR

Overwatch fans have discovered some pretty massive flaws with the Havana map in the PTR - especially when it comes to Payload.


The PTR [Public Test Region] is Blizzard’s way introducing new in-game content for testing before it gets released to the wider player base. In recent weeks, it has seen the pre-release of Baptiste and been home to some incredible Workshop creations.

However, as it is basically a rotating base for the testing of yet-to-be-released or even fully fleshed out items - things can and do go wrong.


Blizzard Entertainment
Havana's Payload version has joined the PTR for testing ahead of release.

Reddit user Owlero made a post to the Overwatch subreddit, showing how Havana has become broken in the PTR. Owlero had been playing as Wrecking Ball on Payload by themselves to show off the error.

As the player stood on top of the moving truck, they moved towards one of the doors that takes the game back to the outside of the map. However, instead of the door being opened on their arrival - it was already open and there was no shutter to be found.

Instead, Wrecking Ball got stuck on the payload before passing through the door - showing that the roof may need lifting ever so slightly. In another twist, the actual shutter that should be in front of the door appeared from the sky, slowly dropping its way into the ground - absolutely nowhere near where it should have been.


Another Redditor, Apexe, tried to uncover the bug for themselves in a bid to see if it was a one-off thing or a wider error.

As it unfolded for Owlero, the door wasn’t properly lined up with where it should have been and because of that, the payload truck got stuck when trying to move to the outside portion of the map.

It remains to be seen if Blizzard has a fix for this new issue, considering there was no mention of a change to Havana in the recent PTR patch notes.

However, considering it is in the PTR, it shouldn’t be too long before they pick up on the problem and look to rectify it. After all, that is what testing is for.

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