Overwatch players uncover deadly Torbjörn exploit on Volskaya and Dorado

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Over the last few days Overwatch players have discovered that Torbjorn is able to place his turret so that it fires through walls in certain areas on Volskaya Industries and Dorado.

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Torbjorn’s turret is one of the main parts of his kit, as anyone who’s played him will attest to. It does 14 damage a shot at four shots a second and it can be a real pain to deal with if it isn’t prioritized.

The turret has had wall glitches and exploits since day one, but most of the really egregious examples were eventually patched out by Blizzard, or so we thought.

Blizzard Entertainment
Torbjorn’s rework in September of 2018 significantly changed his turret.
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No line of sight? No problem

On Volskaya, Torbjorn is able to throw his turret down right next to a wall and somehow the cannons are able to clip through and fire while preventing the turret from taking any damage.

This spot on Volskaya is particularly frustrating because it gives the turret a perfect view of the choke leading to the first point.

The spot on Dorado isn’t as bad, but could definitely still tilt you if it came out of nowhere. The turret can be placed in the room to the left of spawn just before the high ground over the payload route.

As the Payload makes the final left turn, the turret can shoot through the wall and like on Volskaya, deal damage without taking any.

The following video from Thymen van der Loo shows the spots where players are using the exploit on both Volskaya and Dorado, so plan accordingly if the enemy team has a Torbjorn.

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Has Blizzard addressed the exploit?

The most recent “Known Issues” list on the official Overwatch Forums doesn’t include any mention of a Torbjorn Turret bug, but it’s not a complete list, so Blizzard could be aware of the bug but haven’t said anything yet.

Overwatch players who don’t pick Torbjorn are getting pretty sick of dealing with the exploit, which only makes Volskaya that much harder, so Blizzard might want to prioritize a fix.

For now, attacking teams on Volskaya should head left through the choke instead of right, which will take them away from the room that turret can exploit and Torbjorn players abusing the bug should take a long, hard look at themselves, even though it probably won’t do anything to stop them.