Overwatch players terrified after seeing Genji’s new OW2 DPS passive in action

genji in OW2 using dragon bladeBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 will be introducing a new passive ability for DPS heroes and players are freaking out over how powerful this could make Genji when the game launches.

On October 4, Overwatch 2 will finally be released with new maps, modes, heroes, and a new Battle Pass replacing the old Loot Box model.

In the two beta builds Blizzard made available, a couple of new DPS passives were tested with the first being a speed boost and the second being refunded ultimate charge when players switch heroes.

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Ultimately, Blizzard decided to make the latter a passive for all heroes and opted to instead give DPS players a speed and reload buff whenever they get an elimination. The community decided to test these changes in a custom game and the results have gamers terrified.

Overwatch 2 fans scared of Genji with new DPS ability

When Overwatch 2 launches, DPS heroes will be getting a 25% movement and reload speed buff for 2.5 seconds whenever they get an elimination with subsequent kills resetting the timer.

Players decided to try this out by applying the change in a custom game just to show how fast Genji will be.

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Keep in mind too, that this isn’t factoring in things like Lucio’s Speed Boost or Kiriko’s ultimate that could make this even stronger.

In the clip uploaded to Reddit, the cyborg ninja is able to tear through multiple Zenyatta enemies with Dragon Blade without ever using Swift Strike to traverse the map faster.

After just ten seconds of slicing and dicing, Genji was able to make it to the middle of Lijang Night Market. Needless to say, players are a bit concerned.

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“This is the problem with the debuff, it’s going to benefit some classes way more than others. Genji, Reaper even Tracer will MASSIVELY benefit from this buff,” one commented.

genji overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
DPS heroes are getting a new role buff in OW2.

“I just don’t understand why this needs to exist. It’s solving a problem that isn’t there,” another said.

“This doesn’t seem like a great addition. It will heavily benefit flanky heroes like Genji and Tracer. It also doesn’t seem very passive-y, but rather something you are actively trying to gain when playing these heroes,” remarked another player on Reddit.

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While players are a bit nervous, the Overwatch devs have said they might tune and experiment with role passives in the future to help shake up the meta, so we’ll have to see what happens once the game is out.

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