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Top Overwatch players settle match with a hilariously epic Torbjörn duel

Published: 15/Feb/2019 0:45 Updated: 15/Feb/2019 1:08

by Bill Cooney


Two top Overwatch players decided to settle the score in a legendary battle using nothing but their hammers as Torbjörn.

Getting eliminations with Torb’s hammer is one of the funniest ways to dispatch opponents in Overwatch and it’s probably used more as a meme than anything else.

So, when Uprising Academy player Hasan ‘crakinlakin’ Alfardi and his opponent found themselves tied 4-4 in a limited 1v1 match, both players agreed on a gentlemen’s agreement to settle the match using only the hammer.

“This is the make or break right here,” one of the players tells the other. “Just hammer, ok?”

The two warriors stared each other down, each fighting back the urge to throw out their turret and gain the upper hand.

As they approached one another, some tactical crouching took place before the epic clash of wills began.

Try as he might, crakinlakin’s opponent was no match for the precise hammer strikes of the OWL Contender’s player.

2 Top 500 Players 1v1 Torbjorn Hammer Only To Decide Game from r/Overwatch

Torb players almost exclusively use the hammer to repair turrets, but this dual is just another example that the hammer can also provide some damage in a pinch.

The Overwatch League starts on February 14, but we probably won’t see any incredible Torbjorn play like this anywhere in those matches.

Maybe one day, if the meta ever changes, we will see an Overwatch League level Torbjörn hammer duel, but fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up.


Overwatch YouTuber discovers how much weight Junkrat carries per game

Published: 30/Nov/2020 23:58

by Michael Gwilliam


An Overwatch YouTuber has done a lot of research to determine how much weight Junkrat carries on him in a single round of Overwatch.

The destructive Australian hero has an insane amount of equipment on his person. His frag launcher, grenades, two mines, a bear trap and of course, his Riptire ultimate on his back.

While it’s not very realistic for a hero to carry around that much on his person, the hero himself isn’t very realistic to begin with, as he literally walks around on one leg and uses his own mines for vertical mobility.

Firstly, the YouTuber had to go through all the items and find some real word comparisons beginning with Riptire.

Junkrat on Temple of Anubis
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat carries a lot of weight on him during a round of Overwatch.

For this, Fraglrokt decided to use the tire fellow YouTuber Colin Furze made, which is 16 inches and powered by a chainsaw engine. Once factoring the weight of the tire, its rims and the engine, it comes to a whopping 74 pounds.

And that’s only for a single tire. Junkrat’s ultimate comes up pretty fast, so it’s likely that he’ll be carrying at least three per round.

When it comes to Junkrat’s grenades, Fraglrokt decided they were close enough to the M67. With five grenades per reload, we’re looking at 4.4 pounds.

After looking over former Overwatch League pro Jake ‘Jake’ Lyon’ and average players to see how often they reload per round. It was determined that Jake reloads around 35 times while average players do so 57 times. This equals out to being 44 times a round, which when multiplied by 4.4 comes out to 202.4 pounds.

Moving onto the trap, Fraglrokt took the middle ground after looking at a couple of options and decide that Junkrat’s is probably 36 pounds. With players using an average of 13 traps per round, it comes to 468 LBS.

Finally, moving onto Junkrat’s mines, seeing as they resemble anti-tank mines, that’s what Fraglrokt decided on for his real-world comparison. With players using 35-42 mines per round, that comes out to a staggering 1058.75 pounds.

Junkrat equipment weight
Junkrat carries 2000 pounds on him in one round.

After factoring all the results, including the Total Mayhem passive, it was determined that the hero carries approximately 2,000 pounds every single round of Overwatch.

Of course, the whole video was just for fun, but it really puts the absurdity of Overwatch in perspective.