Overwatch players send clear message over replica loot boxes before Overwatch 2

Overwatch loot box loot boxes UKBlizzard Entertainment

While Overwatch has previously been blasted for the high rate of replica drops in loot boxes, the lack of content has left players even more frustrated. 

For a lot of fans, there appears to be a drought in new content. With the 2021 iteration of the Archives event leaving players disappointed, many have voiced their opinion that the dev team needs to step up their game in order to keep Overwatch alive.

Despite reassurance from the title’s new director, Aaron Keller, that the highly anticipated sequel is progressing well, people want more from Blizzard’s flagship FPS.

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What they don’t want are replicas in their loot box, and finally the anger over repetitive items may have reached its peak.

Overwatch Loot BoxBlizzard Entertainment
Opening a loot box is meant to gift you a whole collection of new items, but often that’s not the case…

What’s the issue with Loot Boxes?

Overwatch’s loot boxes have never been the title’s most popular feature. In fact, many fans have hit rage mode over the issue of replicas.

Loot boxes are supposed to contain four new items, including skins, currency, sprays, icons and much, much more. The system has been put on blast in the past for being associated with potential gambling, and is even banned in some countries.

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However, as you progress through the game and start buying cosmetics or snagging them in the loot boxes, getting new items becomes pretty difficult. So, for many, everything they get in the supposedly coveted crates is something that they already own.

Overwatch Loot boxBlizzard Entertainment
Even an amazing loot box like this isn’t great if you already have the items…

Overwatch fans are sick of loot boxes

Fans have taken to Reddit once more to complain about Blizzard’s loot box system. This frustration stems from their comment falling upon deaf ears in the past, despite posts regularly racking up high amounts of upvotes.

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One player writes that Blizzard do this “across all games,” including “packs in [Hearthstone], chests in [Diablo] 3,” and so on.


Another posted: “Can’t wait for three sprays I’ll never use one characters I never use!” This is made even worse when you already have all of those sprays.

One other issue noted is that loot boxes open with a gold light, implying you’re going to get Legendary tier skins when, in actuality, you only get blue and gray. “That flash of yellow always gets me. To be honest I think they do it on purpose,” writes one fan.

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The loot box problem has existed since the dawn of Overwatch, and it seems like it isn’t getting fixed anytime soon. It seems like players will just have to deal with it until Overwatch 2.

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