Overwatch players optimistic for big reveal as TimTheTatman teases OW stream

TimTheTatman plays overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most popular Overwatch streamers could be making his return to the game, as YouTuber TimTheTatman teased a broadcast and fans think this could be signs that a big announcement is on the way.

TimTheTatman played quite a lot of Overwatch back when he was still a Twitch streamer. However, like many big names on the platform such as xQc, he moved on from the game in favor of other titles such as Warzone.

Now, the streamer has teased he will finally play the game again just as expectations for some big Overwatch 2 news reach new highs.

The question is, is the potential return of TimTheTatman streaming Overwatch connected to something bigger?

Does Blizzard have big Overwatch 2 news to share?

TimTheTatman is well underway to streaming Overwatch this week, needing 50,000 likes on his tweet to follow through on his promise.

Interesting, Head of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Ybarra, teased “big news” for players coming this week.

In a statement on January 20, Ybarra stated: “we need to deliver content to our players on a more regular basis and innovate both in and beyond our existing games. We have some exciting things to announce, and I’ll be sharing more next week.”

overwatch 2 screeshotBlizzard
Overwatch fans are craving news on OW2.

To top things off, the Overwatch League’s next season, set to begin in April, will be playing on an early build of Overwatch 2 and Overwatch content creators had a meeting regarding upcoming news that left them very pleased. Could a beta announcement be in the works? On Reddit, players are remaining hopeful while connecting the dots.

“We know that Blizzard has used Tim before to announce new content for Overwatch, most recently with Echo. He got the exclusive first look of Echo in a stream with Jeff Kaplan when she was released, and even had say as to the exact second she got pushed to PTR,” a user wrote.

“I haven’t followed Tim in a long time, but these folks who’ve moved on to other games for over a year now would not about to randomly move back for no reason,” another said.

overwatch 2 sombra rework visual updateBlizzard Entertainment
Fans are optimistic for a big Overwatch reveal.

Others, while optimistic, kept their expectations in check, just in case the content is related to the upcoming Lunar New Year and Experimental Card events Blizzard has planned.

In any case, we won’t have long to wait and find out if the hype is real or if players will be left disappointed.