Overwatch players loving the “most fun” Moira change ever with new ‘Fade Jump’

Overwatch Moira gameplayBlizzard

The Overwatch community was blessed with a new patch on January 6 and players are stoked with Moira’s upgrade in particular with the Support hero being more agile than ever.

Overwatch players endured 155 days without a proper balance update. A hero name change along with the regular holiday event were all that kept fans busy until a surprise patch rolled out on January 6.

Six characters in total were adjusted in the first update of 2022. From a slight Reinhardt damage buff to a neat Torbjorn improvement, there was plenty to be excited about.

While the patch was quickly pulled due to a game-breaking Hanzo issue, Moira’s buff is what captivated the community. With one slight adjustment to her Fade ability, players are falling in love with the Support hero once again.

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The January 6 Overwatch update allowed Moira to “jump much higher” while using her Fade ability. Exact details weren’t made clear in the patch notes themselves, but initial tests revealed just how powerful this tweak really is.

An early glimpse from ‘Overwatch Cavalry’ showcased the buff in action. Where before Moira struggled to gain any elevation, she can now leap through the air and reach high-ground vantage points with ease.

“Love this change,” players said before the patch was reverted. “The changes feel amazing.”

With more agility than before, many even described it as the “most fun [they’ve] ever had on Moira.”

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“I’m having so much fun with her new super jump,” another player chimed in. “I feel like Mercy and Moira had a child.”

The joy was short-lived, however, as the patch was soon taken down. While some were suspicious of whether the Moira change was intentional, it found its way back to the live version of Overwatch. The January 6 patch was redeployed hours later and Moira’s new buff remained intact.

We’re sure to see some next-level Support plays as veterans get used to her newly upgraded kit.