Overwatch players furious over Anniversary Remix event reskin prices

Overwatch anniversary remix skinsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s first-ever Anniversary Remix event is now live with an assortment of fan-favorite skins returning and others being recolored, but their price has some fans in a tither.

As the development of Overwatch 2 heats up leading up to the beta launch on April 26, the team has put most of its resources towards the sequel, meaning there would be a lot less in the way of new content.

To compensate, three Anniversary Remix events are scheduled in place of standard events such as Summer Games and Archives, and while fans were accepting of this, the cost for the“new” skins hasn’t been well-received.

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Normally, new event skins set players back 3,000 coins with returning ones only costing 1,000. Needless to say, players were a bit taken aback after loading up the Anniversary Remix event and taking a look.

Zenyatta remix skinBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch players don’t think the remix skins should cost so much.

Overwatch fans are not happy with price of remixed skins

Just like actual new skins, every remixed skin is listed at 3,000 coins, much to the chagrin of players expecting to score a deal on them.

“This is mildly annoying because they’re just recolored versions of already existing skins that are only 1000 coins. I’m not able to buy really anything because I have such little currency,” one tilted player vented on Reddit.

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“I get that they’re busy with Overwatch 2 and that’s why the event is kind of half-assed, but why are these so expensive when they’re not new/very impressive?”

“I wish they were maybe 1500 or 2000 credits. I get they’re ‘new’ but they’re still old skins,” said another upset fan.

Overwatch fans want remixed voice lines

Elsewhere on the site, users voiced displeasure in the fact that there were no new voice lines or emotes, commenting how those could have been “remixed” too.

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“I’m sad we didn’t get some ‘Remix’ voice lines, for example, the same voice lines but in their characters’ respective languages or vice versa,” one suggested while others wanted heroes to swap voice lines.

“I would love to hear Moira mocking another character with their voice line,” a Redditor wrote.

Of course, it’s still possible we get some new voice lines in later volumes of the Anniversary event, but it seems like players really want is for the devs to drop the price of the skins by a significant amount.

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