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Overwatch • Mar 19, 2019

Overwatch players explain why the game needs more anti-stun abilities

Overwatch players explain why the game needs more anti-stun abilities
Blizzard Entertainment

Even with a massive new Overwatch update set to release on March 19, players are still coming up with ideas they think could improve the game.

One of the biggest issues some players have with Overwatch right now is the prevalence of stun, or “crowd-control” abilities, that keep players from moving for a short period of time, like Brigitte’s Shield Bash and Mei’s primary fire.

With Brigitte being a common pick in a lot of Overwatch games, many players, especially tank mains, have voiced their frustrations about being stunned, freezed, or hacked every few seconds.

Blizzard Entertainment
Brigitte's stuns are another reason she's so controversial.

With Baptiste going live in Overwatch on March 19, a few players took the opportunity to talk about what Blizzard could do to include more abilities to counter stuns and crowd-control.

One Reddit user named FerretTheToxic, suggested that when Orisa deploys her Supercharger, her Fortify ability should extend to all teammates affected by the ultimate.

Whether or not all the buffs from Fortify would be included or just the anti-stun would probably have to be determined in playtesting or on the PTR, but it’s still an interesting idea.

Orisa's Fortify is one of the few abilities that ignores stuns and other crowd control abilities.

Zarya can protect teammates from stuns with her projected barriers as well, but that’s only available to one teammate at a time.

Overwatch’s March 19 update will bring Baptiste and his Immortality Field ability live, which should at least keep players alive when they get stunned, for awhile.

The update also contains changes for more than half of the game’s heroes, and some say it could finally shake up the Overwatch meta.

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