Overwatch players enraged as new voice chat glitch mutes everyone

. 9 months ago
Overwatch Dva

Overwatch players have been left to fend for themselves as a new voice chat glitch is keeping everyone muted across both quick play and competitive games.

If you’ve faced difficulties trying to speak with your team in Overwatch lately, you’re not alone. Players around the world have reported a major voice chat bug taking Blizzard’s hero-shooter by storm.

If you were hoping to communicate with your team, you’ll have to think again as microphones have supposedly been muted. Regardless of your settings or your input device, chatting in-game has been made impossible as this bug rages on. 

There’s no telling how this error came into effect, though rest assured Blizzard is already on the case.

Overwatch text chat
Text chat is currently the best way to communicate in Overwatch.

Communication is obviously a key part of any multiplayer experience. Whether you’re kicking back in casual play or putting together an intricate strategy in competitive, being able to chat with your teammates is essential.

Without the option, players are simply left to their own devices. That’s been the case in Overwatch lately as the voice chat bug escalated on September 26.

Dozens of players spread their issues across social media as the ‘perma-mute’ glitch became more prominent.

This critical flaw appears to prevent players from joining voice chat altogether. Regardless of if you’re trying to speak in your team’s chat or in the match chat instead, microphones are muted across the board.

Not only is it impacting teams on PC, but console gamers have also been silenced as well. 

“Next to my name it shows I’m muted, even though I have all my chats on,” one player explained on Reddit.

For the time being, text chat appears to be the only viable method of communication in Overwatch. Though players may not have to wait too long for regular voice chat to be restored.

Blizzard is already well aware of the issue and working towards a fix.

“Our Overwatch engineers have identified the issue and are working on a solution to get voice chat functional once more,” a dev replied on the Blizzard forums.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here as a fix for the voice chat issue is deployed.

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