Overwatch players discover “secret” buff in Storm Rising patch

Blizzard Entertainment

The Storm Rising patch for the new Archives patch also brought updates for Reaper, Junkrat and Symmetra.

It also brought a number of bug fixes and a UI change that players didn’t know they needed until it arrived.

Blizzard EntertainmentStorm Rising sees Tracer, Genji, Mercy and Winston battle through the streets of Havana.
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Gotta go fast

One new change that players seem to be happy about is the increased speed when moving between menus in the game.

Previously, there would be a slight delay between the main menu and any sub menus a player selected, like the Hero Gallery and Social menu.

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As Reddit user Apache17 put it “I didnt know I even wanted this until now,” and a lot of others seemed to agree it was a pleasant surprise.

The changes to the UI may seem like small changes, but it shows the Overwatch team is still all in on the flagship game.

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A different console update?

Console Overwatch players got additional updates and the patch for PS4 and Xbox One is significantly larger, at almost 25 GB, and could take awhile to download.

Along with all the new updates, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan also talked about a bunch of upcoming features for the game in a stream shortly after Storm Rising went live.

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Besides a new D.Va skin coming for the Anniversary event, Jeff also said Storm Rising’s Havana map will be going to the PTR soon.

Overwatch’s Storm Rising brawl, as well as the Uprising and Retribution missions from previous years will be available until the Archives event ends on May 6.