Overwatch players discover major flaw with Ilios Lighthouse years after release

Michael Gwilliam. Last updated: Jan 04, 2022
Reaper shrugs off ilios lighthouse
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans have found quite an interesting issue with Ilios’ Lighthouse map and players cannot unsee the major flaw with the stage.

Ilios is one of Overwatch’s most iconic Control maps. With so many areas for boops and stunning environmental kills, it’s a dream for many players who main heroes with knockback abilities.

However, despite the map’s popularity, there is a pretty glaring issue that has just been discovered and fans aren’t happy about it.

If you’re worried your love for Lighthouse will die, then stop reading right now. Otherwise, be prepared for your world to change forever.

Blizzard Entertainment
There is a major issue with Ilios Lighthouse

Illios Lighthouse is off-center and Overwatch fans are upset

In a post on Reddit, user VanarchistCookbook showcased that while heroes can walk around the front of the Lighthouse without falling off, allowing them to maintain highground position, they can’t do the same from the back.

After walking around the other side of the Lighthouse, the Redditor fell off and was forced to use Echo’s flight ability to get back up.

While it’s certainly better that the front is stable seeing as that’s where enemies will be coming from, the fact the back doesn’t have the same luxury is rubbing fans the wrong way.

“I’m so mad I’m gonna reinstall so I can uninstall,” one player joked.

“It’s closer to the back than it is to the front, you’re able to walk around the front side without falling. If you walk around the back, however, you will fall unless you jump,” the original poster added. “Literally unplayable.”

“I’m forever ruined, one of my favorite maps,” another remarked.

It’s unlikely that Blizzard fixes the map soon, but hopefully, we can see something done to balance the stage for when Overwatch 2 finally releases.