Overwatch players discover major bug with Brigitte’s shield after March 6 PTR update

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

While many Overwatch fans have been enjoying the new hero Baptiste along with a ton of changes for the game’s existing roster of heroes, it appears that a huge new bug with Brigitte’s shield has appeared.

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Overwatch has seen multiple updates added to the PTR over the last two weeks, but one of the recent patches seems to have included an unintended Brigitte nerf.

Brigitte already has issues with her shield when she gets set on fire with Ashe’s Dynamite, but now players seem to have discovered that her shield no longer breaks when it reaches zero HP and fails to recharge.

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In a clip posted to Reddit by user kocius_is_my_name, Brig’s shield is seen reaching zero HP and failing to break. Instead, it just stays up, doing and protecting absolutely nothing.

Kocius’s also tries to shield bash in the clip with zero shield health, but nothing happens other than the audio cues triggering for them and their opponent.

In another gif showing the bug, Reddit user Aqualunar has the training drone in the practice range take his shield down to zero and notices that it fails to recharge, even when it’s put away.

Aqualunar is only able to recharge the shield when he switches to Reaper, then back to Brigitte again.

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Users on the official Overwatch forums actually reported seeing this happen in Quick Play as well, so it appears to happening throughout the PTR.

https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/ptr-bug-brigittes-shield/314415[ad name=”article4″]

Not being able to recharge your shields, even after being eliminated, is a pretty major bug for Brigitte players, and having to switch to one hero then back again isn’t really viable during a match.

Being such a major bug, it’s something Blizzard will hopefully fix before the changes finally go live.