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Overwatch players discover ingenious D.Va Bomb trick on Oasis

Published: 30/May/2020 0:16

by Theo Salaun


An Overwatch fan has shared a particularly sneaky way to surprise opponents with D.Va’s bomb on the Gardens section of the Oasis control map.

When utilized correctly, D.Va has one of Overwatch’s most devastating ultimates with the potential to wipe entire teams. And correct usage often requires one, or a combination, of three things: 1) the surprise factor, 2) team coordination and 3) a distracted opposing team.

In addition, D.Va’s ultimate necessitates certain mechanical knowledge to maximize its potential—as the character’s mech interacts with the game’s map designs in unique ways while demanding experience with its launch trajectories.


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This is my favorite move in all Overwatch. It’s not much, but I’ve never seen anyone do it, so I thought I’d share from Overwatch

While a variety of crafty D.Va bombs have been made famous by Overwatch League professionals like Gael ‘Poko’ Gouzerch and Jun-ho ‘Fury’ Kim, a particularly nifty one has now been demonstrated by Reddit’s ‘ezeshining,’ who has revealed their trick to shocking opponents with a perfectly placed ultimate on Oasis: Gardens.

For the trick, you need to boost as high as possible along one of the towers that sits between the point and spawns, then slide down the facade until your boost returns, at which point you can boost back up at an angle and send the bomb toward the point.


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Oasis: Gardens, showing the heights that the trick bomb should descend from.

When done properly, the ultimate will detonate near the middle of the point and explode before it has time to hit the ground, but not so high that it doesn’t eliminate players down there.

This is a particularly nifty example of understanding how the mech navigates the map’s terrain to get a jump on unsuspecting opponents and, of course, the situation is helped by your team engaging with the enemies so that they remain contesting the point after hearing the ultimate’s voice line.

Like much of Overwatch, making sure to practice specific mechanics in custom games is essential to ensuring you don’t simply whiff on plays like this.


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Overwatch fans are no strangers to complicated bomb techs, as Fury demonstrated another sneaky one back in March when he threw his mech along the curb just past King’s Row’s first point so that his destruction cleanly curved into the enemies.

Now ‘ezeshining’ can be added to the list of creative D.Va players that find bizarre tricks we can all struggle to emulate.