Overwatch players discover Hanzo Sonic Arrow trick with Storm buff

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Hanzo players looking for an additional Overwatch advantage can combine their Sonic and Storm Arrows with the new ricochet buff to catch enemies off guard.

Combining abilities in Overwatch is half of the fun, but with Hanzo, the bow-wielding DPS hero has some unique tools at his disposal.

By selecting Storm and Sonic arrows, players can have their first Storm arrow shot be a Sonic arrow, letting it travel quickly while dealing the same amount of damage while exposing enemy positions.

Now, thanks to the new ricochet buff to Hanzo’s Storm Arrows, there are a lot more things players can do and need to consider when combining the two abilities.

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Hanzo’s Sonic Arrows ricochet

With Storm Arrows now ricocheting upon impact, players who activate Sonic can use it to better scope out where foes could be hiding.

For instance, if you think a flanker is gearing up to attack, you can send the ricocheted Sonic Arrow ahead, off a surface and thereby behind you to expose where an enemy is hiding.

From there, you can just launch a series of remaining Storm Arrows to your opponent to shut them down.

Blizzard Entertainment
Hanzo’s Storm Bow has been buffed.

On Reddit, fans chimed in commenting on how they hope some pro players could find a cool use for this trick while others compared this tactic to Sova from Valorant.

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Be sure to keep this trick in mind next time you play Hanzo and you could put your bow and arrow skills to the next level.