Overwatch players demand Moira nerfs as new OW2 ability makes ultimates worthless

Moira in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are not a fan of Moira’s new Necrotic Orb ability that reduces the damage an enemy can do by a whopping 75%.

Moira has proven to be a weird hero to balance in Overwatch with the developers trying out several new abilities with the Talon support to give her more utility.

From having Fade cleanse teammates from status effects to making Damage Orb a skill shot, there have been countless efforts to rework her and this latest one could be the most controversial yet.

By hitting an enemy with Necrotic Orb, their damage gets reduced by 75%, enough to render even the most powerful abilities in the game completely useless.

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OW2 players want Moira’s Necrotic Orb nerfed

Soon after the patch went live, players began testing the changes, discovering that if Moira were to use the ability on a hero like D.Va while she’s using her Self-Destruct ultimate, teammates will survive.

It gets even crazier. As pointed out by YouTuber YourOverwatch, Genji’s Dragon Blade will only deal 30 damage per swing when he’s hit by the orb – the same as a regular melee.

Streamer Samito was baffled by the new ability and couldn’t believe how Blizzard pushed this change to the beta. “I wonder when Blizzard will accept that lower-skilled heroes just don’t deserve extra value,” he mocked, adding the update was “just funny.”

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On Reddit, users commented how while they liked the ability in theory, it was just too overtuned in its current state and want Blizzard to nerf how much damage is decreased by.

Some have suggested trying a 50% reduction while others are calling for 25% – in any case, it’s clear that the developers will have some changes to go through before the second beta comes to an end.