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Overwatch • Jun 17, 2019

Overwatch players are convinced Brigitte's Rally armor is broken

Overwatch players are convinced Brigitte's Rally armor is broken

Brigitte is widely considered one of the most “OP” heroes in Overwatch by players and a new discovery about how her Rally armor works could back that idea up.


Brigitte’s Rally provides 15 armor per 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds, for up to 100 armor on self and allies while also providing a 30 percent movement speed increase to herself and allies.

In a detailed Reddit post, user ClumsyLi explained how Brigitte’s Rally armor can actually shrug off 20 to 45 percent more damage than normal armor, which would go a long way towards explaining why she seems to be practically invincible when using her ultimate.

Blizzard Entertainment
A lot of players feel like Brigitte's ultimate ability Rally can make her almost unkillable.


“Armoring you up!”

The damage reduction is a result of how Brigitte’s armor is applied during the ultimate, as Reddit user czarlol explained in the comments. Basically, each “piece” of Brigitte’s rally armor is its own temporary armor. So when she gets hit the game removes the bits of armor one by one rather than all at once.

Brigitte can produce up to 15 “layers” of armor during her ultimate, and damage reduction is re-calculated when entering every armor layer.

Basically this means that Brigitte’s armor is significantly better at mitigating damage than regular armor, 20 percent to be exact, which makes her much harder to take out.

ClumsyLi even provided a Workshop mode where Overwatch players can test for themselves how strong Brigitte’s armor is by displaying the amount of damage and damage avoided while playing her.

For players who want to see how powerful Brigitte’s armor actually is for themselves, the Workshop code is: 9S83Z.


Didn’t Brigitte’s armor get nerfed?

Brigitte’s Rally and armor have both been nerfed in the last few months, but it’s clear her armor is still proving to be difficult to handle for a number of players.

The big question for Overwatch now is: what should be done to “fix” Brigitte? Besides deleting her from the game, which Blizzard has said isn’t going to happen.

Ultimately what, if anything, will be done about Brigitte falls to Blizzard, so players will just have to wait and see if Torbjorn’s second-favorite child (after his turret) will be made a little easier to take out.

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