Overwatch players confused by Mei’s bizarre inconsistent body design

Mei in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player noticed a large inconsistency in Mei’s heroic victory poses across her skin designs.

Mei is one of Overwatch’s most popular characters, famous for her ice walls and slowing abilities. She’s become a fan favorite amongst the Overwatch community, especially in the cosplay scene.

One Overwatch player was looking through Mei’s skin designs and noticed an irregularity in how her body is presented in one particular skin involving candy.

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Mei OverwatchBlizzard
Mei’s new design in Overwatch 2.

Mei’s design inconsistency

Reddit user sushi_sunflower noticed that in Mei’s Heroic victory pose, her bottom is noticeably larger in her Sprinkles skin. They compared the skin side-by-side to the Pajamei skin, and it’s clear that the Sprinkles skin looks bizarre compared to some of her other skins.

In the post, sushi_sunflower said, “Mei’s inconsistent *peach emoji* design has me crying.” Their tears from laughter make sense, as the Sprinkles skin design is way different than any of the other skins Mei has and almost makes her look like a completely different character altogether.

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One user in the comments of the post pointed out that, “A lot of the victory poses have some weird stuff going on since they are modeled to only look good from the front.”

This may explain why Mei’s bottom in the Sprinkles skin looks so different in the Heroic pose than in the rest of her skins, as victory poses aren’t meant to be seen from the sides. One thing is for sure: Sprinkles Mei has some back problem Blizzard might want to fix.

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