Overwatch players beg devs for dark mode option after being “flashbanged” by menu screen

Sombra activates EMP in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s newest menu screen showcasing the latest OWL Ana Haroeris skin is so bright some fans are begging Blizzard to turn off the lights and add a dark mode option.

Menus in Overwatch change around depending on a few variables: new special skins, seasonal events and even esports competitions are celebrated when players load the game up.

However, for many, the menu is too bright when it’s too white and for some players with eye sensitivity problems, this is a major problem.

A new post on the Overwatch subreddit showing concept of what a menu “dark mode” could look like is gaining momentum and many fans are in favor of the idea.

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“I suffer from keratoconus and have light sensitivity, is there a chance that a “Dark Mode” can be added as a future option?” Xevengar asked on July 8.

Attached was an image of what a potential dark mode menu would look like and compared to what we have now, it’s night and day.

While it definitely would need some work, it’s easy to see why a dark mode menu would be very appealing, even for those without eye complications.

Overwatch League ana skinBlizzard Entertainment
Ana’s new skin is all over the menu screen.

The post sprung to the top of the page, amassing over 19,000 upvotes and earning a ton of Reddit awards in the process from users agreeing with the concept.

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“That’d be nice for everyone, because I don’t think many people like getting flashbanged when starting up a game,” one user joked.

“Also it’s literally impossible to see how many credits I have in the shop because the digits are white and blend perfectly with the background. Can also see how many I have each time I gain some,” another remarked.

It’s unclear if the developers ever have plans to actually implement a dark mode feature, but considering they did add some colorblind tools in the past, we shouldn’t rule this out just yet. Hopefully, they listen and a dark mode option is added to the game in the near future as it seems to be a highly requested addition.

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