Overwatch players baffled after AI Dr Junkenstein gets absurd match card

Blizzard Entertainment

Halloween Terror is in the books, but what almost seems like a glitch during the Overwatch event gave AI players more credit than usual.

One of the staples, for better or worse, during Halloween Terror is Junkenstein’s Revenge. The PvE event has players face off against waves of Zomnics to keep the doors to Adlersbrunn castle standing.

Four players take part, which means at the end of the round, each player on the team gets a post-match card… that is, unless a bizarre ‘bug’ pops up and Overwatch decides to give it to one of the AI bosses.

Halloween Terror Junkenstein’s Revenge bug

That’s a very official-looking stat card for Dr. Junkenstein…

Images posted by u/The_real_dirty_beard on Reddit show exactly what we’re talking about here. In the image above, you can see Dr. Junkenstein is credited with 2,187 Zomnics created, and 47 Maniacal Laughs.

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An AI character getting a stat card might be confused as an honest to goodness bug, but this was probably just a Halloween trick from Blizzard.

Overwatch has included practical jokes before, from googly eyes to messing with chat, so throwing a player card to a bot during Halloween is probably in the same vein.

Hilarious as it is, the Widowmaker in this situation probably wasn’t thrilled to be skipped over. Especially for an AI who won’t even care about how many maniacal laughs they produced.

Blizzard Entertainment
Other bosses can be given cards too, with players reporting stats for Reaper and Junkenstein’s Monster as well.

Halloween Terror 2021 and this feature might be in the past, but on the last day of the event — November 2 — news that Overwatch 2 was being delayed again came out.

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A lot of people thought that the sequel would be coming out in early 2022, and we could have Halloween Terror in Overwatch 2 that year. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like the case now.