Overwatch players are still waiting on a Mercy bug fix from 2017

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

A bug has been plaguing Mercy since her rework back in 2017, and players are still asking Blizzard for a fix.

Mercy is one of the original heroes of Overwatch, and was included in the game on day one. She’s also one of the few to get a massive rework, along with Sym and Torb.

While her 2017 update did make her into the hero we know and play today, those changes also threw her on fire meter out of whack, as well – a change that still hasn’t been fixed to this day.

Along with giving mercy a brand new Ultimate, the rework also nerfed her quite a bit. Early players will remember that Mercy was used in pretty much every single game for a good reason, even after Moira came out.

As Overwatch player imbad points out on the game’s forums, getting on fire with Mercy during a match can be almost impossible, even if you stay alive and seem to be doing everything else right.

“Getting on fire with her is a damn miracle, even if you’re staying alive, healing/buffing whatever possible and ressing whenever possible,” imbad wrote. “This happens because mercy used to ahve multiple rez charges in the rework, but now only 1 each 30s.”

mercy ow2Blizzard Entertainment
There’s hope Mercy’s on fire meter will work as intended when Overwatch 2 finally comes out.

Other users on the forums were optimistic that devs would implement some kind of fix by the time Overwatch 2 rolls around. However, Blizzard hasn’t said anything about the bug — so while it seems like an easy fix, there’s no telling if it’s even on the “to do” list at this point.

Being “on fire” doesn’t really affect how you play either, though it does cause a unique voice line for each hero. Still, time spent on fire is a trackable stat in Overwatch’s records, so it makes sense Mercy mains want to keep track of it just like everyone else.